Frequently Asked Questions


What is ProductWise?

ProductWise is a mobile app that will give parents the ability to quickly and easily register baby and children's products, or opt-in to product categories, for the purpose of monitoring and being notified about safety recalls and alerts. This will make it easier for parents and caregivers to keep their families safe by helping them to be proactive and informed.  


How does ProductWise work?

Registered users will have the ability to scan a product's barcode or manually search for a specific product and then add it to their personal list of monitored products. Users also have the ability to opt-in to 13 different categories of baby and children's products. Notifications will be sent for any product that receives a recall or safety alert due to defect or potential danger.    


Why should I use ProductWise?

Using ProductWise significantly reduces the amount of time required to register baby and children products. It puts you in control, giving you the ability to monitor as many products or product categories as you wish. Communication about recalls or safety alerts will be delivered directly to you through in-app notifications.